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Easement Disputes
Escrow Services

Title Services

At The Tarich Law Firm P.A., we have the experience required to resolve title issues and to litigate property disputes for individuals, businesses, and title companies.

Due to their complexity in nature, real estate transactions present the potential for significant expenses when insuring title. Title issues arising from the acquisition or sale of property may include any or all of the following:

  • Legal description and survey issues
  • Easement disputes
  • Encroachment issues
  • Real estate agent duties
  • Liens
  • Escrow duties
  • Erroneous foreclosure or other legal proceedings

Insuring against these types of issues requires the expertise of a law firm that is qualified and experienced in managing complexities that may occur. We are proud of our reputation as a leader in title services, and we look forward to working with your business.